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Take Away MENU
GF = Gluten Free V - Vegetarian


Take-Away Pizza's

(All pizza's are dinner plate size)

Garlic Pizza

Confit garlic, red onion, whipped garlic butter,

Monterey Jack cheese


Herb Pizza

Churned butter, fresh herbs, Monterey Jack cheese


Spud Pizza

Churned butter, fresh herbs, Red Gem spuds, rosemary

Monterey Jack cheese


Capsicum & Mushroom Ragout Pizza

Roasted capsicum & mushroom ragout

Monterey Jack cheese


Peppered Chicken

Chicken breast fillet, prosciutto, parsley oil

Monterey Jack cheese


Italian Bolognese

House-made bolognese, olives, leg ham

Monterey Jack cheese


The Godfather Pizza

Smoked chilli, salami, capsicum, pitted olives

Monterey Jack cheese


BBQ Deli Meat Pizza

Smoked ham, salami, prosciutto, Croation pepperoni

chicken, BBQ sauce & Monterey Jack cheese


The Peking Duck Pizza

Roasted duck, baby spinach, fresh chilli, hoy sin sauce

Monterey Jack cheese


The King Prawn Pizza

Cutlets of King Prawn, confit garlic, red onion, whipped garlic butter

Monterey Jack cheese




Take Away Entrees


Kalamata & Spanish olives (GF/V) $12


2 pieces Wagyu 7+ Beef Cigars $16

Two Wagyu +7 beef cigars, tomato creole

2 x Hokkaido Scallops (GF) $16

Oven roasted scallops, pickled cabbage, roasted cauliflower puree, basil oil

2 Lamb Soft Taco's $16

Two lamb shoulder soft taco's, tomato salsa, guacamole, labheh

Gippsland Quail $18

Deboned, char grilled on roasted capsicum ragout

Australian Tiger Prawns $20

Tempura prawns, light Thai dressing on fresh salad greens

Take Away Mains

Rustichella Misto De Marie Pasta $36

Prawn cutlets, scallops, onion, garlic, chilli & white wine

Rustichella Penne Rigate Pasta $29

House smoked baby back pulled pork, bound with root

vegetables, pork juslee & penne pasta

Pesto Rustichella Lumaconi $29

House made basil pesto, snow peas, broccolini, 

dash of cream & Parmigiano-Reggiano

Confit Duckling Risotto (GF & V) $34

Oven roasted confit duckling, wild mushroom ragout

tossed through Arborio rice, Paremigiano-Reggiano

Market Fish

King George Whiting $36

Beer battered, chunky spuds, house tar-tare

Blue Eye Fillet (GF) $36

Pan seared, capers & beurre blanc

Glacier 51 Toothfish (GF) $50

Toothfish marinated in a light miso, oven finished on Asian greens

Gippsland Grass Fed Eye Fillet (GF) $44

Roasted fennel, peppercorn sauce

Nolan Private Selection 450gr Rib Eye (GF) $50

Roasted fennel & mushroom sauce

Beef Rib (GF) $33

Five Founders Beef short rib deboned, slow cooked for twelve hours,

parsnip puree & Pedro Xeminez glace

Veal Scallopini (GF) $35

Capsicum ragout, mushroom sauce

All Sides (GF)  $11

Pontiac potato, garlic & rosemary (GF)

Chef Salad Greens (GF)

Broccolini, Beurre Noisette, flaked almonds (GF)

Umami shoestring fries, truffle oil, Nori (GF)

Fresh pan seared Asparagus (GF)

Take Away Dessert

Cheese Platter $25

Three local & International cheese, quince paste, crackers

Fresh Berries (GF) $12

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries & house sorbet

Raspberry Lindt Chocolate Egg (GF) $12

Three local & International cheese, quince paste, crackers

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