Take Away MENU

gf = Gluten Free

V = Vegetarian

Gourmet Pizza's

Garlic Bread - $8

Home-made seven grain French stick, whipped garlic butter & parmesan

Garlic OR Herb Pizza - $10

Vegetable Garden Pizza - $16

Vegetable ratatouille, wild mushroom ragout & Persian feta

Peking duck Pizza - $22

Roasted duckling, hoy-sin sauce, salad onion, fresh basil, baby spinach & shaved Parmesan

The Chunky Spud Pizza - $14

Spuds, confit garlic, onion & shredded cheese

Fungi Pizza - $20

Swiss brown, enoki, oyster, shitake mushrooms, Yarra Valley Persian feta & baby spinach

Meat Lovers Pizza - $19

Chicken, Salami, ham, prosciutto, cheese, onion & BBQ sauce

Chicken Pizza - $18

Chicken, prosciutto, cheese, onion & basil pesto

Italian Bolognese Pizza - $18

Tomato base, chilli, olives, leg ham & shredded cheese


The Godfather Pizza - $18

Fresh chilli, salami, capsicum, pitted olives & mozzarella

Roast Lamb Pizza - $20

Pumpkin, roast potato, rosemary & finished with mint jelly & cheese

The King Prawn Pizza - $21

Pumpkin, roast potato, rosemary & finished with mint jelly & cheese



Olives infused w/ lemon & rosemary   $10  gf

Venison Croquettes   $12  

Braised and lightly smoked Yarra Valley Venison, house-made Aioli

Sui-Mai Dumplings   $12

Australian prawn, pork & mushroom bamboo steamed dumplings with an Asian dipping sauce

Char Gippsland Quail   $12  gf   J

Partially deboned Quail, char grilled with truss tomatoes & Kalamata black olives

Vegetable Roulade   $12  gf.  Vegan

Grilled zucchini, eggplant, roasted capsicum roulade on smoked pumpkin puree, wild roquette



Confit Duckling                $28    gf

Pulled duck, mushroom risotto, grana padano

Gippsland 12hr Beef Cheek      $28  gf

Roast garlic emulsion, brocoli florets

Salt Water Barramundi Fillet     $28  gf

Macadamia, pickled chilli, Congo crisp

Braised Pork Belly.           $28 V / gf

Textures of daikon, fennel ferns, apple gel

Basil Pesto Risotto            $28 gf

Basil pesto, baby spinach, broccolini

Roma Tomato Linguine        $28 V

Australian prawns, almond, chives

Spaghetti Bolognese.          $18 

Home-made pasta with slow cooked bolognese

O'Connors Eye Fillet.         $28 gf

Cauliflower, fennel, leek, red wine jus lie

All Sides GF    $12

Fat chips with aioli

Pontiac potato, garlic & rosemary

Garden beans, beurre noisette

Fresh salad greens & yuzu dressing

Roasted Pumpkin & pinenuts g/f

Kalamata & Spanish olives



Cheese Platter           $18

Papillon Roquefort, Buche d'Affinois, Will Studd Comte La Couronne, water crackers

& fresh home baked bread

The Ultimate Gaytime    $10.  gf

Honeycomb parfait, home-made honeycomb, malted biscuit crush

Coconut Panna cotta      $10.  gf

Fresh pineapple granita, lemon curd,

house made lemongrass gelato

Pavlova                 $10.  gf

Berry mousse, fresh garden berries,

passionfruit soil & raspberry coulis


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